Chatham Islands Imported 18/5/2010.
Stewart Island (NZ S of 46.66S) uploaded 26 Jan 2011 in changeset 7092166.
This will need a lot of work to go through the building types
and map these to OSM tags.
HB: I've added all the building_use types into a big switch|case,
but still the values need to be checked against the standard
OSM wiki ones. school,university,hospital,police,church
are now done or required no change.
Glen: I've started on the pulling in the attribute matching from here - I'm commenting out the amenity switch items as I tick them off and put them in the right place. "filtration plant" is next on the list
Rob: it's worth doing fields.building_use.toLowerCase() when doing comparisons/switch statements, since it seems there's some errant upper-case values in the actual dataset.
HB: 15 Aug 2012: updated building_use to bldg_use as per new LINZ data definition.