these masts are all used for wireless communications in some form.

OSM Page:

We need to create transponders as well so we can map the relationship between the tower and its uses. See OSM page for how this should be done.


the LINZ data lists two mast_use fields, but OSM does not have this capability. however, we can use either commas or semi-colons (i can't remember which) to demarcate within one field. is there a way to conflate two tags into one field with this tool? does a second tag overwrite or append new data?
HB: AFAICT a semicolon is most appropriate, but there is no formal way defined and lacking
a formal rule using it will be ignored by most things that work by matching exact strings. So
I've set mast_use2 up as LINZ:mast_use2 instead of trying to code :service to
value="use1;use2" but only add the ; if use2 exists, etc. But I am not at all opposed to
value="use1;use2", actually I sort of would prefer it.
HB: fixed height and use2 to export only if they exist.
RP:Hamish:OK, the second tag-value pair looks best for now. i doubt there is or will be anytihng in osm that could act on both, so this looks ready to me
Chathams imported by HB 19 Apr 2010
HB 21 Aug 2012: In the new dataset only the 'height' field remains. Mast_use(1,2) could be removed now, but I'll just leave them there doing nothing for old time's sake. Approved & uploaded for the Antarctic, mainland seems ready to me.