If the sand is a coastal beach then the tags should be changed to:



Chatham Islands Imported: 6/5 - Glen

RP: i wonder if this includes beaches? perhaps natural=beach if so?
HB: ... but is it exclusively at beaches? there are inland dunes in some places. Probably want to check/revisit list this later to answer that question, although I think natural=sand does a good job of matching the layer name already :).
Glen: Most of them are beaches but a significant number are not. I've imported as natural=sand and have added a cleanup task to go back and selectively edit the layer.
HB 18 Aug 2012: Tagging approved by Glen and seconded by me.
HB Aug 2012: uploaded for Auckland Isl
HB 19 Aug 2012: uploaded for Antipodes Isl in changeset 12779382
HB 19 Aug 2012: uploaded for Antarctic Isl in changeset 12779397
HB 6 Sept 2012: uploaded for Kermadec Isl in changeset 13007563
HB 11 Sept 2012: uploaded for Campbell Isl in changeset 13065909