Tree Row has now been added to OSM so we are using that.

CHATHAM ISLANDS: Imported 29/4 -- Glen
HB: 'barrier=hedge' is about as close as we're going to get I think.
RP: i would prefer
although it's not strictly natural, as the position is selected by humans.
or we could use natural=tree, on a way/very narrow area (which is a bit ugly, admittedly). i think the shelter part is irrelevant, and i'm not sure how LINZ know it's there for shelter or any other use. who do they ask? what if the trees are 100 years old?

Glen: I think we should actually have barrier = tree and submit an amendment to the proposal. but happy to run with hedge if that is the consensus. The term Shelter Belt means those rows of trees that block a percentage of wind to protect the crops and and livestock. They are more of a barrier than just a row of trees.
HB: my vote remains with barrier=hedge. barrier=treeline could be an alternative. It is reasonable to expect that these were planted/are managed by people, so natural= is dubious, and 'tree' is singular for use with nodes. barrier=tree_row is interesting, but is meant for tree-lined streets? maybe that doesn't matter. landuse= seems more for areas.
HB: ah, there is another to consider-