OSM Page: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tree


GB: 17/8/2012 Tagging Checked, Kermadec Test Upload Complete
HB: 18/8/2012: looks good, turned on for the mainland


initial Tagging - Glen
HB: looks fine
Comment: Are we sure we want all1.6 million trees?
- the osm wiki page says for "lone or significant" trees. No idea what LINZ's threshold is.
- FWIW I'd previously asked if they wanted us to simplify the hi-res coastline before uploading it. The response was pretty much universal "why on earth would you want to do that?"
- I added a tree (of significance) as a test, mapnik renders it as a tiny dark
green dot, very unobtrusive. Waiting to see what Osmarender does with it.
- I propsose we try adding them for the Chathams and see what we can learn from
that experience.
RP: yep, i'm happy with this as is
Chathams imported by HB 19 Apr 2010.
Stewart Island imported by HB 21 Jan 2011 in changeset 7036455.
Chch, Banks, and surrounds imported 28 Feb 2011 in changesets 7412110 and 7415847.