OSM Page: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Map_Features#Landuse (vineyard).
LINZ contains no attribute data.
uploaded for the mainland south of 45S, 26 Dec 2010 in changeset 6765444 (HB).
uploaded for the mainland north of 39.5S, 26 Dec 2010 in changeset 6765530 (HB).
uploaded for the mainland 43-45S (or is that 42S?), 27 Dec 2010 in changeset 6774686 (HB).
rest of north island uploaded 21 Jan 2011 in changeset 7036733;
Cromwell/Queenstown in #7036792; upper South Island in 7036844 (HB).
HB 22 Aug 2012: V16 was done for the mainland already, but many new ones in the new dataset so no calling it complete anymore.