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GB: 19/8/2012 Upload 3 islands at the top of the North Island. Note that we should probably add place=island if it has a name? I did that manually for the 3. Thoughts? Will most of the islands want that tag? (from the Island Wiki page "If the island has a name, it can be tagged with: place=island and name=*")
HB: place=island seems a bit redundant to me for coastal islands. When merging if already there I've kept it. Shrug.
HB: 19/8/12: Uploaded for the Antarctic. 4 of them matching LINZ data exactly were already there, with name= but without source, and projected slightly differently (some 0.1-1m shift north-south; diff't ellipsoid?). Merged. The ice shelf was marked as coastline, so we'll have to fix that up to avoid crossing the streams.
HB: un-approved the mainland in hope we can split it into 2 layers: coastal and inland, which will have different tagging needs.
HB 31 Aug 2012: added place=island for those with a name.
"Adding this tag to an island will place an italicized label on it."
HB 5 Sept 2012: mainland tagging updated to take advantage of Steve's new 'within_linz_layer' field, so we don't have to do anything special for islands in lakes etc.
HB 9 Sept 2012: Everything seems ready now wrt the tagging. Tagging pproved for the mainland, but holding back until the North Island coastline is finished.

see ML discussion:


This includes the Coastline for Chathams.
HB: I have a shapefile I made from the linz v.4 topo data which just includes
offshore islands if needed. for the Chathams it's easy, just constrain by lat/lon
box. island_poly also includes river and within-lake islands, so we can't just use
natural=coastline or natural=land. I can do an overlay operation to extract
islands NOT offshore vs. the base data layer to get the interior islands.

LINZ:island_group_name needs doing. will it be either/or with maybe better as its own node separate from the coastline
Chatham/Pitt Islands uploaded mostly as coastline, 25 Apr 2010 (HB)
RP: i think the island group name needs creating in OSM as a tag, . possibly as a relation
HB: relation is a topologic data thing not a category thing. Lacking anything better, added is_in= for island group name. Maybe place='the group name here' is better?
Stewart Island and surrounds imported Feb 2011 (HB).
HB Aug 16 2012: field names updated for new LINZ data dump.

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