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GB: 18/8/2012 Kermadecs uploaded and checked.
HB: 20 Aug 2012: tagging looks ok to me, ready for all dataset.


COASTAL rock awash at high tide. usually breaks.
HB: natural=bare_rock, or is that just for areas?
natural=rocks has been withdrawn in favour of bare_rock.
RP: bare_rock is more general than this i think. or maybe we could use it and add something to indicate when it is visible?
HB: for navigation I`m more interested in when it is NOT visible :)
added tidal=yes.

Glen: For navigation I think I would use a chart ;-)
uploaded for Chathams 2010-04-29.
uploaded by HB for the mainland 2010-12-18 in changeset 6691278
uploaded by HB for the Akl Isl and Antarctic, 2012-09-03 in changesets 12963499 and 12963535

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