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HB 16 Aug 2012: updated field names for new linz data dump
GB: 18/8/2012 Campbell Islands, checked and uploaded. Note need to check logic of height > 0 (seems illogical to put in height = 0 for a waterfall)
HB: 0 is probably just a placeholder as INTEGER has no NaN value defined. Tagging looks good, approved in all areas.

HB: waterway=waterfall seems to have gone out in of favour of natural=waterfall. For point nodes natural= seems better to me, for ways waterway= seems better to me. For polygons ..??
Should we add tourism=attraction for named ones??
uploaded for the mainland xmas 2010 in changeset #6759214 (HB)
uploaded for the Akl Isl Sept 3 2012 in changeset #12963442 (HB)

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