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HB: waterway=waterfall seems to have gone out in of favour of natural=waterfall. For point nodes natural= seems better to me, for ways waterway= seems better to me. For polygons and edges..??
Q: what does "edge" mean in this context?
A: it is the precipice perpendicular to the river, the line you really don't want to cross in your canoe. I'm not sure how to tag that...
Should we add tourism=attraction for named ones??
HB: added natural=cliff, changed to waterway=waterfall. after upload we need to edit line direction so that top of cliff (upstream) is on the left side of the way. (51 to check by hand)
uploaded by HB for the mainland 23 Jan 2011 in changeset 7057407.
HB 22 Aug 2012: checked for new dataset, updated filed names.

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