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The runways at an airport. We need to deal with the runway_status = disused. Not sure if we should import these or not? --- HB: yes, just import with 'disused=yes'.

We are setting runways to apron as they are more like aprons in terms of what they cover and are polygons. Runways in osm are actually just lines

Runways will need to be added manually if we want them in the data.

HB: for disused apron would still be valid, just we'd skip the runway line generation later on?
HB 20/8/2012: updated & approved for offshore islands & the antarctic. If we like what we see there we can extend to the mainland too. Note this differs from the airport layers in that it's the tarmac apron, not the greater airport boundary. Runway use is more for the airport layers not the runway apron itself, but we keep them around in case someone wants to do some matching cleanup later with aeroway=aerodrome.
runway_use values:
Value Frequency
airstrip 3429
aerodrome 44
airport 36
HB: uploaded for the antarctic in changeset 12793363

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