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adjust and expand trail_visibility tags with on the ground confirmation


GB: 17/8/2012 Kermadec tested and uploaded.
HB 21 Aug 2012: removed LINZ:track_use as always foot|vehicle which are set elsewhere. Approved for the Antarctic, note use of tracktype=poled_route. (168 of those on the mainland too). Please review before approving the mainland.


highway=track or highway=path or highway=footway?
HB: can we do anything better with track_type="poled route"? blazed=yes?
can we do anything better for (vehicle)track="unmaintained"?
RP: are other vehicles allowed on these tracks? does anyone know what the highway code says here - i have a feeling these are highway=footway, i.e. only for pedestrians?
HB: see "Object attributes": "unmaintained" applies only to vehicle tracks. vehicle=yes does not imply horse=no or anything else, just that vehicles are allowed. My understanding is that highway=footway is more for paved sidewalks, and 'path' is more for raw tramping/hiking trails (which these are).
Chathams uploaded 27 April 2010 (HB)
Auckland Island uploaded 13 Aug 2012 (HB) in changeset ?.
-- track use was lost due to extra whitespace in strings problem, but then later fixed by hand.

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