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HB Re-review 19/8/2012: looks good to continue. Already imported for the mainland for the V16 dataset, but many new features to merge in so not calling it complete anymore.

CHATHAM ISLANDS: Uploaded 23/4 - GB
MAINLAND: Uploaded 21 Dec 2010 - HB - changeset 6721035
Akl Isl: Uploaded 3 Sept 2012 - HB - changeset 12963398
OSM Page:
HB: Note OSM page only has these tags appended to a polygon
and not a point. shrug
Shall we keep a note of these things. That way people can look back and check for all swamp points and try and convert them to polygons. -- Glen
HB: I expect things that want to be a swamp polygon are already in the swamp_poly layer. I assume all these comments will end up logged to a file on the wiki, but I started a wiki page with a list of things to revisit:

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HamishB 4 Completed Sept. 3, 2012, 6:59 p.m.