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OSM Page:

Please manually review these lakes before importing.

RP:should lake use = evaporation reservoir become landuse=reservoir?
we need a tag for lake group also, perhaps a relation?
HB: for lake_use=evaporation see the salt_works building type,
be sure to double check that extra attribs do not result in 0.0 when they should be null. (pretty much all of the extra attrbs are empty for the Chathams)
Earmarked layer to export using reversed ways.
Chatham Islands uploaded 5 May 2010 (HB); I had to reverse 4 lakes by hand that were still going CCW, but apparently that is no longer critical.
Stewart Island (mainland south of 46.66S) uploaded 14 Jan 2011 in changeset 6964466. "Double Lakes" island group created as relation by hand.
HB Aug 2012: Adjusted for new linz data dump field names. There is still some work to do before approving this for the mainland (hydro-lakes -> generator etc. -- see the stats distinct values and tag-match to osm for each special case). But for the offshore islands & Antarctica it is simpler and just waiting for the island_poly and coastline for each area to be done first before beginning on this one. (so as not to cross water onto water)
HB Feb 2013: Tagging hopefully done, ready for review.
SD Mar 2013: on hold, see

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HamishB 63 Completed Oct. 15, 2012, 4:28 p.m.
HamishB 18 Completed Oct. 14, 2012, 5:24 p.m.