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MAINLAND: Not imported

"amenity=grave_yard" for geo-points.
"landuse=cemetery" is only for polygon areas. (linz's cemetery_poly)
"historic=grave" for individual grave sites on their own (linz's grave_pnt)
930 points nationwide. Only 3 have names :(

2010-04-14 In current NZ.osm data
63 cases of <tag k="landuse" v="cemetery"/>
1 case of <tag k="amenity" v="cemetery"/>
12 cases of <tag k="amenity" v="grave_yard"/> and plenty of
these seem to be polygons which should be changed
to landuse=cemetery

We could just import the lot and deal with the small number of
duplicates on a case by case basis - zenbu
Chathams imported by HB 16Apr2010
cemetery adn graveyards are different items. a gaveyard is generally a small site, in a town/city centre. a cemetery is usually on the outskirts of a town, and is newer and much bigger. the point=graveyard, poly=cemetery distinction is not correct. either can be either. the poly is used when the item has been mapped extensively. see wp entries for more info. the existing items should not be changed unless they are surveyed on foot first
HB: I expect we can trust that LINZ would have mapped out anything of appreciable size as a polygon already, and that cemetery_pnt will be left for very small fenced in areas, but more established than the grave_pnt layer.
Uploaded for the Auckland Islands by Stephen D, Aug. 2012
HB 18 Aug 2012: tagging approved for all datasets.

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